Getting Pages To Rank Is Really Hard

Seriously. All the keyword research in the world cannot guarantee getting decent organic traffic. Even if you target low competition search terms and do all your on-page SEO right (and when done properly it takes ages), a lot of times it just doesn’t work. SEO isn’t an exact science. It’s like throwing 10 things at a wall and seeing what sticks. There’s no telling if you’ll rank for a particular page or not, and a lot of your effort will be in vain.

You Can Rank Without Actually Trying

Like Buddha says, enlightenment is only achieved when we stop seeking it – the same (to some extent) applies to SEO. How? Because when we ignore SEO and focus on really great content, we can end up ranking anyway.

If you create enough content over an extended period, you will probably rank for something. And all the while you’re building up a bank of decent content that engages your audience and builds your brand. My advice? Focus on creating content you care about and like writing, and then see where your content ends up on Google using SEMrush, Accuranker or similar. Then optimize the page to get it to rank higher. Best of both worlds.

Your Link Profile Just Isn’t Google Enough

Unless you happen to be one of the first sites in a new niche, you are likely at a major disadvantage to other sites. Your link profile (the volume and quality of sites that link to your content) is one of the key factors in whether your rank or not. And if your site is new, you can guarantee your competitors have you beat for most, if not all, search terms. Unless you have the cash to build a link profile that can compete, why bother writing for SEO?

SEO Doesn’t Build Brands

An established brand is way more valuable than ranking in Google. And SEO writing doesn’t build brands. For branding, you need to educate your audience or inspire them. Take them on a journey. Tell a story. Relate to who they are.

Writing to specified H1 and H2s does not tend to create valuable content. And that’s not all – because SEO content is based on what people are already searching for, and what many other sites are already writing about, the content is not unique. How can you build a brand without differentiated content?

There Are Better Ways To Find An Audience

Not just a new audience, but a higher one quality as well. Content platforms likes Medium and LiveJournal allow you to publish content and get it seen by a readership who want quality content in your niche. If it is good – they’ll follow you. As an audience, these people tend to be more commercially valuable than those finding you via Google.

SEO Is Boring

Yep. Am I wrong?